This is a plea from Jeannette Wheat the former head of the Madison Group and an experienced medical professional.

Hello All People with Lyme,

I have written before about this bill, AB313, but now it is becoming urgent.

The WI Senate has already passed this bill and it will likely be passed in the Assembly if people don’t get active and contact their state Assembly people right now!

This bill will essentially create a new IDSA Lyme Guidelines committee, Infectious Disease Society of America, except that it will be WI based.

I am attaching the bill to this email, but just to give you a glimpse into it, a couple of the tasks assigned to this committee are to make recommendations to the legislature to make policy (ie law) about diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in Wisconsin and the Insurance Commissioner of the State of WI will be one of the committee members!  Just think for a moment how that will work against people with Lyme.

We all know how damaging the IDSA Guidelines are and how opposed to the ILADS, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, Guidelines they are. We just can’t let that happen in WI! Please contact your WI Assembly person NOW!!! This is likely to voted on in the next week or two.

The Senate has already passed this. So don’t bother to contact your state Senator about this now. If you don’t know who your representative is or how to contact them, here is a link to a page where you can input your address and it will find him/her for you. It says “Who are my legislators?” On my browser this shows up on the lower, right side of the page.

Tell your representative that the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease is not a state issue and that the insurance commisioner should not be involved in deciding how to diagnose or treat Lyme disease.  Tell them this committee thing has already been done with disasterous outcomes by the IDSA.  Tell them to vote NO on this bill- AB313!

Please take action now!  Your ability to be diagnosed and receive treatment for Lyme disease in WI is at risk!

Thank you, Jeanette Wheat, RPh MBA, and long time Lyme sufferer, support group leader (in days gone by)  and advocate..

For more:

Exact wording of the bill: Assembly Bill 313

AB 313, previously LRBs 1652 and 3362Establishes a sixteen-member Tick-Borne Disease Study Committee to create a report for the legislature on consensus-based recommendations for policy changes on awareness, prevention, surveillance, diagnosis, reporting, and treatment of Lyme Disease.

This bill would allow Governor Evers to appoint a 16 member advisory panelto offer recommendations on how doctors diagnose and treat Lyme disease.

Many of us have explained to our representatives about the potential for that bill to go side-ways since nothing about Lyme/MSIDS is agreed upon in the medical community as well as the fact that appropriate Lyme guidelines already exist.

This bill is huge government overreach – telling doctors how to diagnose and treat patients.

All of the Lyme literate doctors I spoke with oppose this bill for numerous reasons – one of which is the fact this bill could seriously interfere with the way they currently treat patients as well as could increase scrutiny of their medical practice. They are already under severe scrutiny with many having to pay fines to the state medical board:  My own doctor spent over 50K to protect his practice against such a witch hunt.

All we have to do is look across the state border to see problems in Minnesota: