For years, as Legislative Counsel to the National Capital Lyme Disease Association, I have been contacted by individuals and organizations around the country, to assist in legislative pursuits. I have drafted legislation, educated and spread awareness to State and Federal Representatives, as well as advocates, testified and supported others. Today, I am pleased to introduce to you a tool that has assisted us in all of our campaigns.

This site allows you to contact your State and Federal Representatives by simply filling out your name and address. It’s easy! Simply select from the issue(s) on which you wish to comment, click on the link and the letter will appear. After carefully reading it, if you feel that it accurately represents your position, fill out your name and address and when you hit send, the e-mail will be forwarded to all of your State and Federal Representatives. There is a dialogue box in each letter for you to add your own personal story, should you choose to do so.

Advocacy groups can draft a message with their specific bill’s title and number to appear in the dialogue box. It is the intention of this site to gift to you, the ability to use your voice with impact. Please treat it with respect as we value our relationships with all our Representatives.

You can contact your representatives on the following issues:
  • Lyme Disease Testing
  • Access to Lyme Care
  • Insurance Coverage for Lyme Treatment
  • Patient Election Bill
  • Education Bill

Susan R Green, Esq.

This site is operated by Susan R Green. For additional subjects, please contact her at


To send a note to your representatives and senators, just click on the top link.  You can send notes regarding the 5 topics above or as many as you like.  This really makes it easy to share your story with those who can change things.  I did it and it took less than 5 min. They give you space to share your story and they also have a blurb on how Lyme disease is a huge problem.  Fantastic tool for patients to use.

Please spread the word and get this tool into the hands of more patients.