Multiple Sclerosis and psychosis: A case report

Jasreen Cheemaa,low asterisk,'Correspondence information about the author Jasreen Cheema
Aline-Claire Huyhb
Sébastien S. Pratc,d


  • Co-occurrence of MS and a psychiatric condition needs to be carefully explored.
  • Case description of Multiple Sclerosis with psychotic features remains limited.
  • Inappropriate advertisement of chronic disease may impede patient’s recovery.


Psychiatric symptoms resulting from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) itself or its treatment are well known. However, the relationship between psychotic episodes and Multiple Sclerosis remains debated. In this paper, we present the case of a woman who developed a chronic psychotic disorder a few months after the onset of MS. We describe the process which led us to make the diagnosis of Psychotic Disorder due to Medical Condition (Multiple Sclerosis). Because her criminal charges brought significant attention to her case, we also address the difficulty in treating a neurological condition with psychiatric features within the forensic context. Moreover, one of the main concerns of the patient was that Lyme Disease was the correct diagnosis as opposed to MS. We also report the difficulty of treating and initiating successful follow-up for a patient whose paranoia is enabled by the opinions of certain health advocacy groups.



What’s sad is the patient could be absolutely right.

Since 2-tiered testing is so abysmal she needs an experienced Lyme/MSIDS practitioner to determine if she has clinical symptoms. Most mainstream practitioners are not educated in this.

Expect to see more of this.