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Lyme Disease is an Emergency. Instead of Feeding the Hype, We must Support the Science.

The controversy may be low-hanging fruit, but what we really need to focus on is a motherlode of hopeful research shining new light on the disease.

Oct. 7, 2019

By Pamela Weintraub, health and psychology editor, Aeon
The fight over Lyme disease is one of the hottest topics in medicine right now. Is Lyme underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed? Easily detected with current tests, or often missed? Cured with a 30-day supply of doxycycline or immortal, impossible to treat no matter what? These polarized debates have fueled a series of articles and trend pieces. But as a science journalist covering the epidemic for 20 years, I’ve found the hype can cause confusion. The controversy may be low-hanging fruit, but what we really need to focus on is the motherlode of hopeful research shining new light on the disease.
I appreciate Weintrabu’s intent, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Much of the science on Lyme/MSIDS has been done by a white coat wearing Cabal whom have rife conflicts of interests. ConflictReport
For instance, I can not support tick research with the moniker of “climate change” due to the fact ticks have been proven to be marvelously ecoadaptive – and quite able to survive armageddon. You may not feel this important; however, if you saw the number of research articles crossing my desk on a daily basis with the climate change agenda behind it you would appreciate the shear number and amount of dollars going to research that according to independent tick researcher John Scott is a “red herring,” and is a complete ruse designed to get the focus on anything but the real issues surrounding this debacle:

“I’m an independent researcher,” he tells me. “I can go in any direction I want and, therefore, I haven’t got flawed science. I can move in any direction and not be blocked. That’s the way it should be. If I were tied in with an institution, my work would be influenced and manipulated.“John explains, “The climate change range expansion model is what the authorities have been using to rationalize how they have done nothing for more than thirty years. It’s a huge cover-up scheme that goes back to the 1980’s. The grandiose scheme was a nefarious plot to let doctors off the hook from having to deal with this debilitating disease. I caught onto it very quickly. Most people have been victims of it ever since.”

“This climate change ‘theory’ is all part of a well-planned scheme. Even the ticks are smarter than the people who’ve concocted this thing,” he says.

“Climate change has nothing to do with tick movement. Blacklegged ticks are ecoadaptive, and tolerate wide temperature fluctuations. On hot summer days, these ticks descend into the cool, moist leaf litter and rehydrate. In winter, they descend into the leaf litter, and are comfortable under an insulating blanket of snow. Ticks have antifreeze-like compounds in their bodies, and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. For instance, at Kenora, Ontario, the air temperature peaks at 36°C and dips to –44°C, and blacklegged ticks survive successfully.

He’s even called out officials doing biased research:, you never hear Scott’s name in the “important: circles due to the fact he purposely stays independent.
Until researchers are allowed to truly investigate things without strings being attached to the money, we will never be told the truth.
I will only support researchers who are doing transparent work and are willing to go against the accepted narrative, and trust me, those researchers are few and far between.