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Eco-Anxiety in Kids: Expert Weighs in

Research shows kids becoming concerned over climate change.

In the interview in the above link, CBSNEWS Los Angeles, interviews Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge which reveals the effect eco-anxiety has on children and what parents can do to help.

As I watched this I couldn’t help but think about anxiety relative to many issues/topics including the very real ongoing Lyme/MSIDS pandemic and the potential fear of obtaining tick bites.

The doctor discusses excellent points including the fact that anxiety is real for a person whether it is actually real or perceived, as well as the difference between concern and OCD-like fear and obsessive thinking that can take over a person’s life.

While this talk specifically is about eco-anxiety in children, it is quite helpful even for Lyme/MSIDS patients who have a brain infection with accompanying inflammation and swelling. These factors can cause or exacerbate mental/cognitive  symptoms that are unimaginable. I personally remember OCD-like behavior in my own case as well as my husband’s, and the need to be careful what we listened to and reflected upon. Healthy thinking is incredibly important with this complex brain illness.

Becoming infected can make you feel overwhelmed to the point you contemplate things you never would contemplate in your right mind.  My experience has shown me the importance of support groups for this as you are with others on a same albeit different journey where you can compare notes, encourage each other, and learn.

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