July 1, 2019



  • Despite the knowledge that early treatment makes all the difference, they state prophylactic treatment should not be given for tick bites that are equivocal or low risk. 
Anyone out there know of a “low risk” tick bite?

How about this “non relevant” tick bite?” (Outcome of the non relevant tick bite)


ILADS does not give a specified treatment for persistent symptoms because every case is highly variable depending upon symptoms and other pathogen involvement, requiring finesse and extremely individualized treatment. ILADS video of Dr. Burrascano on the history of Lyme as well as treatment nuances discovered over years utilizing microscopy.  Important take aways:

  • people require different dosages of drugs to get blood levels high enough to kill pathogens
  • patients should be symptom-free for 2-4 months before stopping treatment
  • if symptoms return, a cycling approach should be used
The IDSA appears to be trapped in a time-warp of their own making.

The polarization continues unabated. If you suspect you are infected, DO NOT see a mainstream doctor. 

You’ve been duly warned. Spread the word. We continue to be on our own.


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