Response from Dr. Paul Auwaerter regarding the IDSA grant (Part 2)

JUL 5, 2019 — 

Please see today’s letter to the TBDWG…….

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Date: July 5, 2019 at 9:07 AM
Subject: NEW: Response from Dr. Paul Auwaerter regarding the IDSA grant to search for an infectious cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

July 5, 2019

The IDSA Foundation
1300 Wilson Boulevard Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22209
Attn:  Paul Auwaerter, vice chair of the IDSA Foundation

Dear Dr. Auwaerter,

Lyme disease is recognized as the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the United States with an estimate of over 300,000 new cases yearly. [i] It is imperative that at least one (or more) of those $100,000 IDSA Foundation grants is earmarked for research related to Borrelia infections and possible connection to Alzheimer’s disease.

Rheumatic fever as you know is a consequence of untreated strep throat leading to irreversible heart disease. We have evidence that untreated Lyme is just as destructive as Dr. Neil Spector’s untreated Lyme infection required a heart transplant.[ii]  Kris Kristofferson’s untreated Lyme led to a misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease [iii] and Dr. Vincent M. Tedone has identified Lyme in his daughter’s neurodegenerative ALS diagnosis. [iv]

Personal Health; When Lyme invades the brain and spinal system.

By  JANE E. BRODY FEB. 15, 1995


Focusing on the acute stage of Lyme disease after early treatment misses the horribly disabled who have gone months, years or decades before diagnosis and it’s time to recognize this fault in the science.

Subjective symptoms after treatment of early Lyme disease.
Gary Wormser, New York Medical College Jan 2010

It is common knowledge that Dr. Allen Steere has had a career long fixation on the swollen arthritic knee presentation of Lyme disease.

“Charting the scope of Lyme disease”
Marisa Venegas, New York Times 1988 Accession number 30957138

Quote from Dr. Raymond Dattwyler:

“This disease can involve virtually every organ system of the body, Dr. Dattwyler said. It makes sense to look at this as a whole-body disease, rather than narrowly. In syphilis, which is a similar spirochetal illness in some ways, there is also arthritis. If I concentrated on that aspect of syphilis, it would be ludicrous….”

And then there is this paper from Dr. Robert Bransfield…..

Aggressiveness, violence, homicidality, homicide, and Lyme disease  Oct 2017


Dr. Auwaerter,

It is imperative that research continues in the area of Borrelia infections and possible connection to Alzheimer’s disease and I must insist that funding be restricted from the researchers who are identified as defendants in the racketeering lawsuit as these individuals clearly have a conflict of interest.

The following list of additional references was recently brought to my attention:

Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, brain atrophy caused by spirochetes and other pathogens of infectious diseases

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Tuttle

Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: Tick-Borne Disease Working Group


[i] Data and Surveillance
[ii] Doctor Hopes His Medical Journey Inspires Others
[iii] “A Slow Slipping Away”— Kris Kristofferson’s Long-Undiagnosed Battle with Lyme Disease
[iv] A Revolutionary Idea: Bacteria Causes Neurodegenerative Conditions–nerve-disease.html


On July 3, 2019 at 8:12 AM Paul Auwaerter <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Tuttle,

The grants for research are evaluated by an independent scientific review board. I do not sit on this board, and I cannot speak for them. The IDSA Foundation encourages applications, and we do not exclude any pathogen.  I expect the grant awards to be highly competitive.


Paul G. Auwaerter, MD

Vice Chair, IDSA Foundation
Sherrilyn and Ken Fisher Professor of Medicine
Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Assistant: Stephanie Knight


T: 443-287-4800

F: 410-502-7029

Personal Health; When Lyme invades the brain and spinal system.
Meanwhile, within weeks of entering the body, the spirochete, a bacterium that resembles the organism that causes syphilis, can…