Get Ready for Tick Bites: An Infographic to Post on Your Wall

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

May 29, 2019



Serious disease caused by ticks has tripled over the past 10-15 years, and the affected regions of the nation are ever-expanding. Climate change makes it likely that patterns of vector-borne disease will continue to morph.[1] So if you haven’t yet seen Lyme disease in your community, you probably will.

Summer is the peak season for these infections. For the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is funding surveillance efforts by states to get a better handle on the true scope of tick-borne disease.

As part of this effort, CDC has created this infographic to remind healthcare providers of the steps to take if a patient presents with a tick attached to the skin. The cheat sheet covers important points such as safe tick removal and Lyme disease prophylaxis.

Post it on your wall so it’s always handy when you need it.

Tick Guidance for Clinicians

And here’s a handout that tells patients how to remove a tick and when to see a healthcare provider after a tick bite.

Tick Bite: What to Do

I hesitate to even post this there’s so many inaccuracies….
2)  The one or two doses of doxy does NOT cure Lyme: The IDSA 1 pill of doxy approach started in 2006 despite the fact that three previous prophylactic antibiotic trials for a tick bite had failed.  According to Dr. Cameron, a well-known Lyme literate doctor, Nadelman’s study had several other limitations:
  • It was not designed to detect Lyme disease if the rash were absent.
  • The six-week observation period was not designed to detect chronic or late manifestations of Lyme disease.
  • It was not designed to assess whether a single dose of doxycycline might be effective for preventing other tick-borne illnesses such as Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, or Borrelia miyamotoi.”
3) By this point they shouldn’t care where a person was bit. Speilman’s maps have kept people from proper diagnosis for decades. There’s been enough suffering.  Ticks are everywhere.  (Article discusses Speilman’s maps which are faulty but have ruled like the Iron Curtain, and have been used to keep folks from being diagnosed and treated)
4) According to independent Canadian tick researcher John Scott, Ixodes cookei or the groundhog tick also transmits Lyme disease. Ticks, associated tick-borne pathogensSome are also convinced the Lone Star Tick is involved and that STARRI is a form of Lyme. Also, many credentialed researchers feel there’s far more than the black legged tick at play:, and
5) Tick attachment needing to be treater than 36 hours is a bunch of hogwash.  Study showed transmission in under 16 hours and many have become infected much sooner. Minimum time required has never been studied.  Within the link we learn the case of a little girl that within a 4-6 hour tick attachment time developed facial palsy and couldn’t walk or talk.  
6) Prophylaxis can be started within 72 hours of tick removal is questionable at best.  In areas with a high percentage of infected ticks – TREAT NOW and don’t look back!
7) “Antibiotic treatment following a tick bite is not recommended as a means to prevent tickborne diseases other than Lyme disease (such as anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever). There is no evidence this practice is effective, and it may simply delay onset of disease.”  Yeah, but there’s no evidence to the contrary either.  Hardly anyone has looked at concurrent infection, yet we know people are typically coinfected with many things making cases more severe and of longer duration:
8) There’s a picture of a kid with a thermometer hanging out his mouth that states, “Symptom Watch.”  Now that is asinine.  For 40 years we’ve followed the “wait and see” approach that’s literally killed people.
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein.
Everyone agrees that prompt diagnosis and treatment makes all the difference, so why are we still waiting?
This information belongs pretty much in the trash can.  So much work to be done yet they blow this out like the 10 commandments.  Shame on them.
Please educate doctors who are willing to listen. The same misinformation keeps getting propagated.