Under Our Skin and Emergence

BOGO Blowout – Buy One DVD Get One FREE!

May is Lyme Awareness Month, and we’ve been on the scene and behind the scenes as the patient revolution that we helped kickstart continues to roll out.  From rallies in Congress, to federal lawsuits, to new bombshell books, things are heating up.  In order to keep-up the pressure and help spread awareness, we’re donating one free DVD for every DVD purchased.  Use these free DVDs to help educate friends, family, physicians and policymakers.  Buy one get one free; buy two, get two free, and so on.  We’ll automatically double your order; the tab’s on us!  And if you have a great idea to use our DVDs to educate on a grand scale, we can donate in bulk – just let us know your idea.

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For those of you who follow this website, you realize I never push or sell anything. By the time patients find this site they’ve been chewed up and spit out by the medical establishment – many with a serious fear of those in white coats.

My promotion of “Under Our Skin” and “Emergence” is two fold:

  1. I might be dead if I hadn’t watched them as I diagnosed myself and my husband after viewing them.
  2. This is one of the absolute best ways to educate people.

In these ground breaking videos you will see a multitude of people explain how they were misdiagnosed with everything from MS, Lupus, fibro, ALS, to depression, but they were all infected with Lyme/MSIDS.  

Investigative journalist Kris Newby also exposes that a majority of people sitting on the CDC Lyme guidelines panel have rife conflicts of interest – leading us to where we are today, which is no where.

“Emergence” is particularly encouraging to patients who are struggling through treatment.  You get to witness many regain their health.  Proper treatment is imperative and this documentary reveals that.  There is no greater encouragement than seeing others obtain their health.