Calling All Wisconsin Moms


My daughter with KG, the apples of my eye

Moms, I’m asking you to consider helping the plight of patients in Wisconsin by stepping up to the plate and being willing to discuss your congenital Lyme/MSIDS case with the media for Lyme Awareness in May – here in Wisconsin.

They are interested specifically in congenital cases here in Wisconsin.  

I understand your hesitancy.  I understand your fears, but it is my firm believe that the ONLY way this mountain is every going to move is if we move it ourselves.  It’s going to take all of us working together.

I know you’ve already suffered so much watching your little ones suffer and I realize I’m asking you to rehash probably the most painful chapter of your life but the world needs to know.  Future moms need to know of the risks.  They need to hear from you – someone who’s gone or is going through it.

If you are willing, please contact me a.s.a.p. as this is all going down quickly.  We hope to get the story out before the Lyme Awareness event in May & the showing of “Under Our Skin.”

Hopefully, with your help, many will attend this event to learn about this serious 21st century pandemic that you can contract in your backyard, congenitally, and very probably STD.

You are all heroines in my book.