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In this video, Miami attorney Jack Hickey explains how to tell if you’re a victim of gadolinium poisoning, and what you can do if you’re affected. Call 888-393-1388 to contact Jack Hickey. Learn more about his practice and experience here:

Transcript: I’m Leslie Rhode for and this is a legal brief. MRIs are a common medical procedure. However there is one potentially dangerous element in them and everyone needs to know about it. It’s called gadolinium. It’s a metallic substance used in contrast dyes and patients ingest it to make the results easier to read. It’s also potentially toxic. Gadolinium can stay in your system, causing symptoms like pain in the joints, hair loss, skin lesions, tinnitus, muscle weakness, balance problems and cognitive issues.

The FDA issued a warning about it, but it may have come too late.

Jack Hickey is an attorney based in Miami. He says that not everyone has a reaction to gadolinium. However, he says:

“People with the reactions, which tend to be a pretty significant percentage, the reactions can be pretty significant, and they can last a lifetime. A majority of these symptoms last anywhere from two months to six years.”

Hickey says that pharmaceutical companies might try to deny that the material is toxic because the symptoms are so widespread. Hickey explains that the wide range of symptoms makes sense. He says:

“You’re injecting this rare earth mineral into the bloodstream, so it’s going everywhere in the body. It’s potentially going to affect any and every system in the body so it’s not surprising the symptoms are so far reaching.”

He recommends that if you have a liver condition, systemic neurological condition or any kind of auto immune disease, make sure your doctor knows about that before you undergo an MRI. If you’ve had an MRI in the past and wonder if it’s causing your current symptoms, call your doctor and ask for a copy of your radiology report. If your doctor says that you had that MRI with contrast, then you should call an attorney who handles these types of cases. If you have questions or need a lawyer to talk to about gadolinium, or want to get in touch with attorney Jack Hickey, visit I’m Leslie Rhode and this has been our legal brief.


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