Mercury Amalgams & Lyme

Our upcoming support group meeting (Feb. 16, 2019) is about biological dentistry, something we should all consider in our journey toward health.  The following information should educate about the importance of oral health as well as the substances used.

Interestingly, my biological dentist had to retired early.  The reason?

Mercury poisoning


Visual demonstration of toxic mercury vapors generated during a dental amalgam filling removal

  Oct. 2012  Approx. 7 Min

Dr. Christopher Shade says there are ways to find out from testing how your body is handling a toxin.

 Oct. 2012  Approx. 5 Min

Dr. Christopher Shade had 17 amalgam fillings removed. He talks about the risk involved and how it should be done properly. He also talks about the after affects of getting the mercury out and what people might expect to feel.  Go here to locate a practitioner (Lyme patient’s, Michelle McKeon, story of having silver amalgams removed)  “Dental amalgam can harm anyone who had them in their mouth. Though, there are many conditions that can cause people to be even more sensitive to mercury toxicity, such as Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Parkinson’s disease, and Lyme disease.”

Dr. Lee Cowden states,

“In the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide that I contributed to back in 1993, and also the update that came out in 2002, the Alternative Medicine Guide had a section on dentistry and the effects on health. And there was a chart in there of 1500+ patients whose mercury amalgams were removed, and the results of that were reported to the FDA. They found that well over eighty percent of the patients  had a significant improvement in a variety of symptoms, just by having the mercury amalgams out. A lot of those had had the tests done, to look for mercury in their body before they had the mercury out of their teeth, and the tests were negative, but they persisted anyway and got a dentist to take the mercury out of their teeth…..In a lot of states if a dentist tells the patient that they’re toxic from the mercury amalgam in their teeth, the dentist can lose their license. So, in some states you have to take the mercury out for cosmetic reasons.”

Interview with biological dentist Dr. Andrew Landerman on Lyme & teeth:


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