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2018  A Film by Alliance for Natural Health USA

Horror stories of young people & experts weigh in on the HPV vaccine.
  • Dr. Peter Gotzsche, head of the Nordic Cochrane Institute states that people are not receiving honest information about the HPV vaccine.  He also filed a complaint when a EMA report came out stating there was nothing wrong with the vaccine.  He cited numerous issues with the lack of scientific integrity used in the entire process including the fact that, “EMA allowed the manufacturers of the vaccines to lump together all of their trials and call one group placebo even though it was not placebo.”  Gotzsche was subsequently kicked out of the Cochrane group:   Gøtzsche’s expulsion was confirmed by the four resigning board members in a statement sent to Science by one of them, Gerald Gartlehner of Danube University in Krems, Austria.
    “We consider the Board’s use of its authority to expel Peter from Cochrane to be disproportionate,” says the statement, which did not explain what Gøtzsche was punished for. “We believe that the expulsion of inconvenient members from the Collaboration goes against Cochrane ethos and neither reflects its founding spirit nor promotes the Collaboration’s best interests.”  Gotzsche wrote his own letter of explanation here:
  • Laurie Powell, former Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive, states she can not believe the amount of spin, deception, & complete disregard for patient welfare used by Pharma.  She also states Pharma pays doctors to be a “Key Opinion Leaders” for drugs.  These leaders helps them craft a marketing message.  From there it gets into the scientific literature – appearing as “science,” however, everything is written by scientific writers working for advertising agencies.  ALL of this “scientific literature” is funded by Pharma.
  • Vaccine whistleblower Brian Hooker PhD (biochemist) states that if this was not a vaccine it would have been yanked off the market.  He also states that Mayo Clinic, CDC, FDA, DHHS, are astroturf organizations suppressing vaccine safety information in the name of vaccinating the entire population.  He calls it a “grand experiment.”  For a great video on astroturfing:  Ninety percent of news media are controlled by six corporations. As a result, the vast majority of what you read, see and hear is part of a carefully orchestrated narrative created and controlled by special interest groups.  “Astroturf” is the effort on the part of large corporate special interests to surreptitiously sway public opinion by making it appear as though it’s a grassroots effort for or against a particular agenda.
  • Robert Verkerk, BSc MSc PhD FACN, and Scientific & Director of Alliance for Health International, states vaccine damaged children experience successively more severe reactions throughout the vaccine series.  For a great paper on this:
  • Stig Gerdes, MD, a doctor specializing in HPV vaccine injury in Denmark, states the health department attacked him when he attempted to explain what the HPV vaccine was doing to his patients.
  • At 19:22 the video shows a table created by Stephanie Seneff, PhD, Senior research scientist at MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, showing Adverse Reactions of Gardasil vs other vaccines for the same age range.  Gardasil had astoundingly higher adverse reactions in each and every category from seizures to death.  She states, “There is no way that the risk benefit ratio comes out in favor of benefit particularly where they have not demonstrated that it actually protects from cervical cancer.”
  • Norma Erickson, President of Sanevax, states Merck’s own reporting shows there are 2,300 serious adverse events vs 12 potential cancer cases.
  • Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Director of Mitford Molecular Diagnostics, states cervical cancer is the most preventable cancer because it takes 15-30 years from infection to a real cancer.  If you catch it in the precancerous stage you can simply surgically remove it.  He also states almost ALL his papers have been rejected by mainstream medical journals.  Lee confirmed the presence of HPV-16 L1 gene DNA in the girl’s post-mortem blood and spleen tissue — the same DNA fragments found in the vaccine.  According to Lee, the fragments were protected from degradation by binding to the aluminum adjuvant used in the vaccine. He suggested their presence might offer a plausible explanation for the high immunogenicity of Gardasil, meaning that the vaccine tends to provoke an exaggerated immune response. He pointed out that the rate of anaphylaxis in girls receiving Gardasil is far higher than normal — reportedly five to 20 times higher than any other school-based vaccination program.  Also, According to Lee, vaccines target 70% of HPV strains (though new version targets more strains), and if vaccines were 100% effective, ONE death would be prevented out of 100,000 vaccinated women; 1.3 with newer versions.  Cost to vaccinate 1 girl is about $700.  $350 for vaccine & $350 for doctor visit.  Cost to vaccinate 100,000 girls is approximately $70 million.
  • According to Shannon Mulvihill, RN and Executive Director Focus for Health, “If your daughter gets regular pap smears her chances of dying from cervical cancer are 0.00002 percent.”