GLA Video on Lyme

Approx. 4.5 Min

This video premiered at the 2018 Global Lyme Alliance New York Gala. Watch GLA leadership and GLA-funded researchers, among others, share insights into the problem of Lyme disease and what GLA is doing to solve it.



Lots of great info here.  Correcting Senator Blumenthal, Lyme is not an epidemic, it’s a literal pandemic.

Also, there are reasons the map showing Lyme isn’t entirely blacked out:  1)  The CDC maps are notoriously faulty 2) We are only talking about Lyme (borrelia) 3) There are many other pathogens involved in this nightmare that need to be factored in as well and recognized by main-stream medicine, surveillance, researchers, and the media.  These pathogens singularly are serious but when coupled with Lyme are deadly.

Throw these maps out!  Historically maps have been used against seriously ill patients for decades.  They have been denied diagnosis and treatment due to a piece of paper.

This tick border thing is a man-made constructed paradigm that has never been accurate, but it’s fit the CDC/NIH/IDSA narrative. (go to page 6 and read about Speilman’s maps which are faulty but have ruled like the Iron Curtain.)  According to independent Canadian tick researcher, John Scott, Ticks and Lyme are NOT propelled by climate change but by migratory birds and other reservoirs who do not refer to maps in their travels!

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