Case Reports in Cardiology

Volume 2018, Article ID 5265298, 5 pages

A Case of Lyme Carditis Presenting with Atrial Fibrillation

Peter J. Kennel,1 Melvin Parasram,2 Daniel Lu,3 Diane Zisa,1 Samuel Chung,1 Samuel Freedman,1 Katherine Knorr,1 Timothy Donahoe,1 Steven M. Markowitz,3 and Hadi Halazun3

Published 2 September 2018

Academic Editor: Kjell Nikus


We report a case of a 20-year-old man who presented to our institution with a new arrhythmia on a routine EKG. Serial EKG tracings revealed various abnormal rhythms such as episodes of atrial fibrillation, profound first degree AV block, and type I second degree AV block. He was found to have positive serologies for Borrelia burgdorferi. After initiation of antibiotic therapy, the atrial arrhythmias and AV block resolved. Here, we present a case of Lyme carditis presenting with atrial fibrillation, a highly unusual presentation of Lyme carditis.



Sigh….there it is again – “highly unusual presentation of Lyme carditis……”

Nothing about Lyme is rare.  It’s just not reported.  Please remember, most of these patients for the past 40 years have been told they are imagining their symptoms and, “it’s all in their head.”  Autopsies have rarely been done on these people and they have faced denial the entire time.

For more on heart-related symptoms with tick borne infections:  Trust me, folks have been dying from this for a long time.  It’s just now beginning to make the radar.  If you have Lyme/MSIDS and heart issues, speak loudly about it.

Microbiologist Tom Greer has a fantastic article about how post-mortem work is one of the only ways we are going to get to the bottom of the Lyme Wars:
For information on preparing for brain and tissue donations upon death for Lyme research, please see:

Lyme, BTW, is NOT the only tick borne illness that can cause heart issues:  (cases listed here)

Most common parasites causing carditis:

  • Borrelia burgdorferi
  • Ehrlichia species
  • Babesia species
  • Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas Disease)
  • Bartonella (My addition due to the following…..)


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