Bartonella quintana and Bartonella vinsonii subsp. vinsonii bloodstream co-infection in a girl from North Carolina, USA.

Breitschwerdt EB, et al. Med Microbiol Immunol. 2018.


The genus Bartonella consists of globally distributed and highly diverse alpha-proteobacteria that infect a wide-range of mammals. Medically, Bartonella spp. constitute emerging, vector-borne, zoonotic, intravascular organisms that induce long-lasting bacteremia in reservoir-adapted (passive carrier of a microorganism) hosts. At times, these bacteria are accidentally transmitted by animal scratches, bites, needles sticks or vectors to animal or human hosts.

We report the first documented human case of blood stream infection with Bartonella vinsonii subsp. vinsonii in a girl from North Carolina, USA, who was co-infected with Bartonella quintana. Limitations of Bartonella spp. serology and the challenges of microbiological culture and molecular diagnostic confirmation of co-infection with more than one Bartonella spp. are discussed. When and where these infections were acquired is unknown; however, exposure to rodents, fleas and cats in the peri-equestrian environment was a suspected source for transmission of both organisms.



Crucial point:  1st documented case.  Trust me, there’s gad loads more of this out here, it’s just not on the record.  Doctors haven’t believed patients, tested for it, and studied it.

Bartonella, according to many doctors shouldn’t even be considered a coinfection with Lyme.  They think it’s worse in many ways.  

Please notice that Dr. Breitschwerdt is the leading author of this study for good reason.  He’s the only one really digging into this with abandon.  We patients are indebted to this man who leaves no stone unturned.  I’m also thankful he didn’t say this was a “rare” or “atypical” case.  He merely reports that it is the 1st documented case.  He understands the importance of words and how they can be used against patients.  Other researchers should learn from his example.

This is the second post on Bartonella today from this desk.  The first was here:

It is estimated that nearly every mammal has their own strain of Bart.  When you consider the link above and that they found it in deer flies, and its been found in many arachnids, fleas & flea feces, human body louse, mosquitoes, bites and scratches of reservoir hosts, blood transfusion, with evidence of congenital transmission, and with 80% of feral cats, 40% of domestic cats, and 50% of dogs carrying it, you can see why it could be potentially worse than Lyme in the simple fact it can be acquired in so many potentially different ways.  Authorities still quibble about it being transmitted by ticks but ticks have it.  That last transmission study is screaming to be done to prove it once and for all.  Ticks are either transmitting it OR a tick bite is reactivating a latent Bartonella infection.  Either way, WE NEED TO KNOW.

But alas, everyone’s pushing research for climate change so it probably won’t be on the list of priories.  If I could encourage you – speak out in your sphere of influence on this important issue (along with 1,000 others), that are far more crucial in relieving patient suffering than climate data.  Independent Canadian tick researchers, John and Kit Scott, who are also infected with Lyme/MSIDS, stress ticks and Lyme are not propelled by the climate. Read this and give to as many people as possible:

This is a crucial point as all the climate data in the world isn’t going to help Lyme/MSIDS patients.



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