FB Interview – Dr. Horowitz


Facebook Live interview featuring Dr. Richard Horowitz.

Investigative reporter Teresa Prioto and Lew Leone, VP and General Manager of Fox5 NY sit down with Dr. Horowitz to discuss the numerous aspects of the ongoing Lyme debate. Dr. Horowitz has treated over 13,000 patients in his 30 years as a practitioner and talks openly about:

  • His participation in the HHS Tick Borne Disease Working Group
  • The effectiveness of short term multiple drug protocols to prevent drug resistance
  • Lyme is the silent epidemic that could be affecting many other diseases
  • The role of co-infections play

Much, much more—
You can watch the full Facebook Live interview here. (Please note that the actual interview begins 4 minutes into the feed so scroll forward to 1.01:17 on the timeline)



I had trouble getting this on my computer but got it on my phone just fine.  To see the interview, go to the link above and then within the article they give you the link to the FB interview.  I’m unable to embed it here.



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