Approx. 5 Min

Watch Dr. Larry Palevsky and Barbara Loe Fisher discuss the CDC schedule of vaccines… and the studies that have been done on vaccines with multiple viruses, like the MMR vaccine.  They’re talking about the blatant lack of safety studies on the combined doses of vaccines we’re giving to children right now, like the MMR, which is three vaccines in one.

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I must correct Dr. Palevsky’s statement that people don’t get multiple diseases at the same time in nature.  Lyme/MSIDS patients are often infected with multiple things at once which is why we are so sick and why the CDC’s mono therapy of doxycycline rarely works.

If Lyme/MSIDS patients are an example of the combined effect of being infected with multiple pathogens and the resulting cytokine cascade and inflammation, we should all stop and reflect upon the potential damage combined vaccines can pose – even to a healthy population.

For the record, here you can see the ACIP vote “yes” for a new vaccine despite the lack of safety studies on the cumulative effects:  It’s all right here in bright purple crayon.

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