Schumer Says Amendment Would Increase Funding To Fight Lyme Disease

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH
SEP 5, 2018 —

Please see the letter below sent to Senator Chuck Schumer with Cc: to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group and Congressmen Chris Smith and Collin Peterson.
Consider contacting Senator Schumer with your support of a congressional investigation by contacting Chief of Staff: Mike Lynch and Health Care legislative assistant Veronica Duron:

Schumer Says Amendment Would Increase Funding To Fight Lyme Disease

“And there’s a simple antibiotic they can give you for 10 days and it wipes it out, if they catch it early. But, if people aren’t educated, they won’t know. And after two weeks it’s in your system and very hard to resist.”

Sept 2, 2018
Senator Chuck Schumer
757 Third Avenue
Suite 17-02
New York, NY 10017

Dear Senator Schumer,
Thank you for recognizing the seriousness of Lyme disease.

In reference to your statement above:
Untreated strep throat progresses to rheumatic fever causing irreversible heart damage; untreated syphilis leads to progressive disability and dementia while untreated HIV infection progresses to AIDS with significant disability and death. What happens to the Lyme patient who went months, years or decades before diagnosis?

We have learned that untreated infections progress to an entirely different disease but we still don’t know how Lyme disables its victim because the focus remains on the acute stage of disease after bulls-eye rash and early treatment. (1)

There is no IDSA treatment guideline for this (growing) class of patient with untreated Lyme as this stage has been deliberately ignored for three decades so as not to expose the racketeering scheme (2) to downplay a disease that is destroying lives, ending careers while leaving patients in financial ruin. A crime has been identified here Senator Schumer and until those responsible for the mishandling of Lyme disease are removed from positions of authority we will have another thirty years of unimaginable pain and suffering. It is no secret that the US Centers for Disease Control have aligned themselves with the seven defendants named in this racketeering lawsuit.
A congressional investigation into the mishandling of Lyme disease is long overdue to determine the motivation behind the downplaying of a disease destroying countless lives nationwide.

Respectfully submitted,
Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH
References: (personal Dropbox storage area)
1. Complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division
2. LymeDisease RICO Lawsuit