(Editor’s Note: This story is proof that you should never do anything when you are angry and that we are so divided as a people on the topic of vaccines.)

The Wayne County Board of Education in West Virginia has launched an investigation into an incident that happened with Principal Reva Wallace last week at Tolsia High School; according to students, Wallace called students out by name at a school assembly if they were not properly vaccinated then made them walk down the bleachers and exit the school in front of everyone.


As you might imagine, students were humiliated and parents were livid. In fact, many have now filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Education, “saying Wallace violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts by sharing medical information.”1 They’ve also started a petition against the principal, requesting her termination from the Wayne County Board of Education.

As of Monday, it has more than 1,600 signatures.

The board is currently looking into the incident and will determine if Wallace violated FERPA but this is just one more thing to add to a laundry list of complaints against her. (There are 2,500 people in the City of Tolsia and the petition has over 1,600 signatures. She’s not a well-liked or respected leader.)


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