Approx. 19.30 Min (Scroll to 8:30 to hear the censored threat)

In the last 48 hours, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, creator of the Honesty vs. Policypresentation and author of Dissolving Illusions — which expertly dismantles the most persistent myths of the pseudoscience vaccine industry — received a shockingly detailed death threat that promises a “suicide mission” mass shooting at a public autism event.

The bullying has to stop.

Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News states there are currently 80 suspicious deaths of holistic practitioners who didn’t toe the main-stream medical line:

Number 66 on the list is Wisconsin’s very own Dr. Hoffman – the most experienced Lyme/MSIDS doctor in the state who unfortunately is no longer with us.

66) May 7, 2017 – Dr. John Greg Hoffmann, who at one point lost his medical license but got it back for his alternative practices as an MD, died from injuries sustained in a single car accident that went off a cliff, as he was returning home from his cabin. Some close to him tell us there were no tire marks and they find it suspicious. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Article here:

To hear Dr. Hoffman’s talk he gave our support group:

Much has been written about Fake Science recently and that all is not as it seems:  This trolling happened to me recently on LinkedIn when a child/adolescent psychologist told me I was “scientifically illiterate, a fear-monger, and a fringe nut,” because I reposted an incredibly important article on Microbiologist Judy Mikovitz’s discovery of vaccines being contaminated with retroviruses for 30 years:  Doing my homework, I looked the good doctor up to discover his license expired in June, so I reported him for masquerading as a licensed doctor and for abusive comments. Within about 15 minutes his entire profile came down.  Imagine being a vulnerable child in that man’s office.

Bullies beware. We are on to you and we are calling you out.