Take Back Your Power – Smart Meter Documentary

Published 8/23/18

This must see documentary reveals how smart meters emit dirty electricity causing health problems, are a fire hazard, allow in-home spying, including the ability to be hacked https://www.politico.com/story/2015/01/energy-electricity-data-use-113901, and actually increase your utility bills.  

Under the auspice of climate action, President Obama in 2008 asked for $100B to fund a smart grid which incentivized utilities with grants up to $200M each to install new digitized wireless meters for electricity, water and gas.  This plan now is in 60-65% U.S. homes.  Other nations have followed.  These smart meters were created to be integrated with big telecom’s 5G plans.

The executive summary is:

  • Over 6,000 published studies since the 30’s show negative health effects.
  • Smart meters emit pulsed microwave radiation – as much as 190,000 times/day.
  • The strength of each pulse is hundreds of times higher than radiation from cell phones.
  • 42:42 does a great job of quickly explaining what the definition of a smart grid is.  (A wireless system which turns every appliance in your home into a transmitting cell phone which in turn will be sent to aggregate meters where all data from your neighborhood is collected/transmitted collectively bouncing from house to house that will be sent to the utility company. An RF signal will be firing at many many times a second, increasing radio frequency exposure exponentially.  
  • 44:00 shows aphids on the leaf of an orange tree after radar equipment was installed at an airport.  You can visually see them pulsing every few seconds in tandem with the radar rotation device.  The airport was 14 miles away.
  • The switch mode power supply emits dirty electricity. (Go to 51:20 for more)
  • At 55:00 using dark field microscopy, Dr. Springob shows how smart meters in only 2 min and only 1 foot away from the meter cause cell degradation including bottle cap formation, as well as red blood cells stacking up prohibiting oxygen from being delivered to the body.  Many complain of headaches around the meters.
  • 44:44 shows a graph of peer-reviewed published science on radiation testing results/public standards.
  • At 57:30 Dr. Klinghardt discusses how fetuses are affected with a correlation between Autism and increased electromagnetic fields.
  • 48:46 in 1972 the U.S. Navy produces an unclassified report of the health effects on the human body observed from microwave radiation.  There were five pages of human health effects. (headaches, insomnia, restlessness, EEG changes, seizures, convulsions, erratic heart palpitations, anxiety, chest pains, and changes in pace-makers – among many others)
  • 58:51 Jerry L. Phillips, PhD describes smart meter research funded by Motorola that started out amicable but went sour when negative results came back.  The two pie-charts given demonstrate the polarization between non-industry studies showing a 70% harmful effect of smart meters vs only a 32% harmful effect in industry led studies.  Motorola urged him NOT to publish his findings.  (Sound familiar?)
  • 1:05 shows a frightening story of a young man who died from brain cancer due to a cell tower at San Diego State.  There was a cluster of brain cancer deaths and all of them lived next to that tower.
  • 1:08 shows the city police trespassing onto peoples’ property to allow the electric companies to trespass to install smart meters – kicking in doors and cutting locks.  A housewife was handcuffed and taken to jail for “interfering.”

I won’t go into the invasion of privacy issue which is glaring, but if you can turn your oven on with your phone, so can someone living in Shanghai if they hack into your system.  I’m also not going to touch the utility company employees kicking down doors and breaking locks to enter peoples’ homes.  Wow.  All I can say is stand up and speak in your sphere of influence.  This is not acceptable.

And lastly, at around 31:50 the author zooms out and considers how all of this can happen – essentially bringing people to a place where they willingly give up basic human rights.  In a nutshell he suggests that some are playing on fear (terrorist threats, energy crisis/scarcity, disease and yes, Martha, even global warming/climate change. etc) to get people to accept a false paradigm.  It isn’t wrong to be concerned about issues, but when the bully-fear tactic causes people to hastily give up human rights, a corner has been turned.

The older I get the more I see this play out from the fear of disease (mandatory vaccines despite the lack of safety studies and damage they cause) to a supposed climate issue and fear of scarcity of natural resources pushing people to accept smart meters despite the fact at 32:05, Joel L. Bellenson, solar expert, states we do not live in a condition of scarcity and that there is no shortage of energy.  The sun produces far more energy than we could ever need or use.  Listen in around 32:45 if you are interested in solar energy.

All in all a fascinating yet frightening film about smart meters that only solidifies the fact they will never grace my residence.

The solution to the smart meter problem:


Note:  anyone can do the NOL process, no matter if they have an analog meter, a “smart” meter, or anything in between.  Documents, templates, videos, guides:  www.inpowermovement.com


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