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Our Battle Ongoing: Lyme Disease in Australia | Full Documentary

Directed by Andy Smith
Published on May 25, 2017

Our Battle Ongoing takes a look into the lives of Australians across the nation currently suffering from Lyme disease or a Lyme-like illness. Every individual has their own unique story as symptoms differ from person to person, but they are all united in a common cause of seeing recognition come to those suffering now and for the generations to come. With little to no help currently available, some have to take drastic measures in order to receive treatment. Our Battle Ongoing brings to light the tragedy of living with an invisible illness in Australia.



The number of afflicted Australians is growing yearly just as it is worldwide.  To deny this pandemic is truly an “Emperor has no clothes” story.  You’ve got thousands of people with Lyme-like symptoms, most of who improve with appropriate treatment, but denial from the establishment.  For every patient who can high-tail it to Germany for treatment, you have 1,000 who can’t afford to.


While it is bad here in the U.S., it is truly abysmal in Australia.

Recently I posted this: and declared it a literal rap sheet for Lyme.  Please compare this article to the patients you see in this documentary.  They are identical.  

While I agree that Australia is a unique area with its own flora and fauna and pathogens, don’t kid yourself – migrating birds have no problem transiting ticks to and from Australia or anywhere else on the planet.  To say otherwise is burying your head in the sand.  Time to wake up and quit blaming the climate and look around at the integrated world in which we live with animals and humans moving in and out of areas with ticks on them on a daily basis.  For more on why the climate is NOT responsible for this pandemic:

More on Lyme in Australia:  Known in Australia as bush ticks and in New Zealand as cattle ticks, long-horned ticks can multiply rapidly and suck so much blood from a young animal that it dies. The ticks bloat up like fat raisins until their tiny legs are barely able to support them.  After a blood meal, females can lay hundreds of fertile eggs without mating.  Ticks have been found on the beach, in caves, underneath picnic benches, on rocks, have blown from trees into swimming pools, have blown onto my house by a lawn mower and ended up crawling up the interior basement walls.  Can we just say ticks can be virtually everywhere with the need for extreme diligence?  The study utilises a proprietary capture methodology that has not previously been employed in the detection of tickborne pathogens in Australia.

While the authorities don’t believe you, we do.  

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