Infective endocarditis associated with Bartonella henselae: A case series

Akio Nakasu,⁎ Tohru Ishimine, Hiroshi Yasumoto, Toshiho Tengan, and Hidemistu Mototake

Organisms in the genus Bartonella are cause of blood culture-negative endocarditis. Bartonella infective endocarditis is being increasingly reported worldwide; however, reports from Japan are limited. Here, we report five cases of infective endocarditis associated with Bartonella henselae. All patients had a history of contact with cats or fleas; this information helped achieve an appropriate diagnosis.



The word on Bart is finally getting around.  It is not some benign pathogen to shrug off but can actually kill you.  

While this article discusses cats and fleas, too many people with Lyme/MSIDS are infected with Bart to deny either the direct transmission by a tick, the involvement of other vectors, or the ability for a tick bite to activate a latent infection, or all of the above.  

You will find some claiming tick transmission, while others deny it.  Research must be done to settle the issue once and for all as most doctors are not even considering Bartonella with Lyme/MSIDS patients and for many it’s a big player.

For more on Bartonella:

More on tick borne illness and heart issues:  (Please know viruses, bacteria, and parasites can cause heart issues and many are transmitted by a tick or reactivate latent infections within the body)

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