Woman’s home infested with ticks after 85 are found on family dog

By Daniel Sheridan | SWNS 


The family’s dog, Justin, had to be sedated so that vets could remove 85 ticks from his skin. (SWNS)

A mom in England claims her home became infested with blood-sucking ticks after she took her dog for a walk.

Kimberley Whitehead‎, 37, discovered a tick burrowing in her leg last weekend after she went walking with her terrier named Justin.

Within days of the discovery, her dog and home were riddled with the parasites, which can cause Lyme disease.

Whitehead, who works as an Electricity North West manager, was forced to temporarily move her young daughter out of her home as a precautionary measure.

She is now appealing for other walkers in the area to be aware of the potential risks and be on the lookout for ticks.

“It’s been quite a traumatic week for both our family and our dog, Justin,” Whitehead said. “After discovering a tick burrowing into my leg …. we checked the dog to find nothing.”

“Within just days, the dog and the house where riddled with them,” she said. “We’ve had to get pest control in and today Justin had 85 removed from him under sedation at the vet. It is quite frightening just how quickly this escalated.”

1529937322672Whitehead, pictured with her daughter, found a tick burrowed in her leg and is being treated for Lyme disease. (SWNS)

We are now both being treated for Lyme disease, a frightening thought, but I am warning other pet owners to check your pet for ticks,” Whitehead said. “The unusual warm weather seems to have brought them out in force.”

“We normally walk around the Laund clough / woods and the disused railway lines in Baxenden, Accrington,” she said. “Please be alert and make sure you brush yourself and pet down before entering your home.”

Whitehead said she has used the experience to educate herself and has warned others to use treatment for both fleas and ticks.

“This week has been an education but wish I knew more about it beforehand, so please take the time to know the facts on how to remove them and what to look for,” she said. “More importantly don’t just use treatment for fleas but ticks too.”

Whitehead and her dog are now receiving treatment for Lyme disease and face an anxious three-month wait to see if they have been infected.


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