Vaccine Injury of Saba

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Vaccine Injury of Saba

The government & drug company knew this vaccine was dangerous & even the clinical trial was stopped because of the huge amount of adverse reactions to the babies & children.



I post vaccine information because Lyme/MSIDS patients are accosted at every turn to get the jab yet our bodies are severely, and often chronically ill and unable to handle another onslaught to our immune systems.

There is vaccine contamination:  These retroviruses have now been associated with many of the chronic illnesses modern humans are facing, from cancer and autism to Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is believed that as many as 20 million Americans could be infected with retroviruses, but not all of them will go on to develop a serious illness. They can be thought of as sleeping giants, who are only awakened when there is an immune deficiency.

Vaccines can trigger latent infections, including Lyme/MSIDS:  Asymptomatic girls after receiving Gardasil activated dormant Bartonella which was confirmed by testing.

There is considerable evidence of fraud, collusion, scientific corruption and lack of ethics:  The report concluded that, “the majority of members of both committees have financial ties to vaccine manufacturers or hold patents on vaccines under development.” 

“Members of the CDC’s Vaccine Advisory Committee get money from vaccine manufacturers. Relationships have included: sharing a vaccine patent; owning stock in a vaccine company; payments for research; getting money to monitor manufacturer vaccine tests; and funding academic departments.”

….evidence of scientific fraud in the CDC’s vaccine division. Bloch described possible collusion between CDC officials and pharmaceutical companies to manipulate and destroy data in order to conceal the links between mercury-preserved vaccines and the exploding incidence of pediatric neurological disorders including autism.the HHS Inspector General

….published the results of a lengthy investigation of corruption in the CDC’s vaccine division. That shocking report painted the CDC as a hopelessly corrupted arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

HHS investigation revealed that 97% of CDC’s scientific committee members failed to complete the mandatory conflict of interest disclosures and that as many as 64% of committee members disclosed conflicts of interest that were not acted upon by the CDC.

Similarly to the polarization with Lyme/MSIDS, there is a deep polarization about vaccines.  There are those who believe that people should be forced to get vaccines “for the greater good,” despite their health situation, and many have resorted to bullying:

I too was personally attacked just for posting microbiologist Judy Mikovitz’s work in the above link on vaccines containing and spreading retroviruses.  A “so called” child psychiatrist resorted to name-calling on Linkedin.  After I reported him, his account disappeared.  Upon further investigation I found his medical license had been expired for a year.  I believe many have been hired as pharmaceutical shills who attack people on-line with dissenting opinions.

My point, as always, is to educate you so you can make an informed decision.  Unfortunately, even doctors have not read the package inserts to vaccines to understand any dangers.  Often it’s right there in purple crayon but everyone is assuming honesty, transparency, and proper science, when those things have been compromised at every turn.

Remember the acronym for assuming.  Assuming makes an ass out of u and me.  Do your homework on vaccines.