For those of you who read my posts you understand I post information about vaccines due to their ability to reactivate latent infections such as Lyme/MSIDS.  Besides that, there can be vaccine contamination and ingredients that can worsen a chronically ill person’s condition.


Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, an independent research institute, does cutting edge research, and seeks to raise awareness about vaccine health risks & specifically studies the issue of human fetal cell lines in vaccines and how the insertions can disrupt the function of the invaded cell. Since many scientists have hypothesized that cancer and other childhood neurological diseases such as Autism are caused by mutations in the child’s DNA, this research is paramount in teasing out what is causing or exacerbating what.

Recently, in April, SCPI raised $80,000 to complete a double-blind, placebo vaccine mutation study, but are short $20,000 for this goal.

Please consider giving for this end.  They are hoping to reach their goal today and tomorrow.

If we ever needed answers on the vaccine issue, it is now.  With nearly 1 in 60 children diagnosed with Autism, it’s a literal epidemic, and according to a highly respected Wisconsin LLMD, 80% of his Autistic patients have an underlying Lyme/MSIDS infection. To say it’s a big deal is an understatement.

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I for one am excited that there are independent researchers dedicated to doing the proper studies.  Please consider helping them out.