Nootkatone Against Ticks

Approx. 1:30

Approx. 5:00

Nootkatone on a treated finger vs an untreated finger










Nootkatone kills ticks and is safe for humans. Additionally, a test was done that demonstrated that with soap containing nootkatone washed ticks off of mice. Therefore, as a personal care product, such as a soap, it could be very successful in preventing Lyme and almost all of the TBD pathogens with a simple evening shower or bath.

It could be successful because:

1. No new habits need to be formed, people already use soap and shampoo.
2. It is simple to use.
3. It would be relatively inexpensive.
4. It would be safe.
5. It would be better adhered to than tick checks and you don’t have to see them.

For more:   When I profiled Allylix last summer, CEO Carolyn Fritz explained how the San Diego startup was using genetically engineered yeast and proprietary fermentation technology to produce specialized “aroma chemicals” for the $1.9 billion flavor and fragrance market. The company’s first product was a compound with a keen grapefruit taste and smell called nootkatone, a flavor enhancer previously extracted from grapefruit peels through a costly process…..Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are pushing to develop nootkatone as a completely natural insect repellent, according to a recent report from National Public Radio.



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