Published on Feb 25, 2018

Killer Green follows the lives of two pivotal couples in different stages of life as the two lead female characters battle a widely ignored chronic illness. Based on biographical accounts, this musical attempts to uncover the dark truth behind how Lyme Disease affects its victims, educate viewers on the reality of these stories, and expose the widespread ignoring of the medical community.


This show has been graciously funded by the Wisconsin Lyme Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for this cause.

Warning: Killer Green depicts the reality of suicide, depression, and topics viewers might find disturbing but Lyme patients live with daily.


Written, choreographed, and directed by Audra Cashman, a student graduating in Musical Theater at Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for her Senior Honors Project.

Ms. Cashman’s parents both have Tick borne illness and her mother heads a local support group for patients. Killer Green draws upon personal experience and the experiences of many local Wisconsin patients.


There is a typo within the video.  It states the matinee on Sunday is at 2:00.  That is incorrect.  It is at 2:30.



















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