Diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Plaintiff is Denied by Unum Disability Insurance

February 14, 2018, 8:00AM. By Gordon Gibb

The plaintiff suffering from Lyme disease pursued benefits from her LTD insurance provider. Unum even approved short-term, and long-term benefits, before doing an about-face and denying her benefits.

San Diego, CA – A medical professional who could no longer fulfill the functions of her occupation due to a diagnosis of Lyme disease, had her long term disability benefits claim denied by her LTD provider. Plaintiff Laura Wakil holds that Unum unfairly denied her LTD benefits that were rightfully hers according to the terms of her policy, and she is taking the insurer to court after filing an Unum lawsuit in an attempt to achieve benefits resulting from her disability.

Wakil had been practicing as a Board Certified Psychiatrist when she began experiencing debilitating pain, together with other symptoms that combined to make it increasingly difficult to carry out her professional duties. According to her Unum insurance lawsuit, Wakil was ultimately diagnosed with Lyme disease in March, 2016.

Plaintiff’s lawsuit claims plaintiff had a right to benefits under her Unum policy

Under the terms of her Unum LTD policy, a diagnosis of Lyme disease translated to a total disability under the terms of her Unum long term disability policy, or so Wakil’s Unum disability insurance lawsuit claims.

According to Court documents, Wakil submitted her disability claim with Unum together with a statement of support and corroboration of her diagnosis, and her struggles with Lyme disease, provided by her physician. The plaintiff, according to her Unum disability insurance lawsuit, was approved for short term disability benefits for Lyme disease in July of that year and a month later, was also approved for long term disability benefits.

But then, the bottom fell out. Her benefits were later denied by Unum. An appeal of her denial was also lost.

In the meantime, Wakil continued suffering from pain and other symptoms associated with Lyme disease, and was continuing to struggle without the capacity to earn income by way of her profession.

Wakil filed her Unum disability insurance lawsuit against Unum Life Insurance Company of America and others in December of last year, having exhausted all other administrative means at her disposal to do so outside of litigation.

Wakil asserts that Unum’s denial of her legitimate claims for benefits, was unfair and improper.

The case is Wakil v. Unum Life Insurance Company of America et al, Case No. 3:2017-cv-02564, filed December 26, 2017, in the US District Court for the Southern District of California, County of San Diego.





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