In case you missed the webinar session, or in case you’d like to watch it again, here’s the link to the replay video:


Title: “Lyme: The Great Imitator”

Description: TDI/Health Through Awareness presents Sue Massie, ND, CNHP who will be discussing her personal experience and latest information on Lyme disease.

Host: Liesha Getson, BCTT, CHHC, Sue Massie, ND, CNHP, Philip Getson, D.O.

If any of our followers are experts in a particular field and have a topic they think our audience would appreciate and that they would like to present on or know of any practitioners that would like to participate please contact:

Liesha at TDI: 856-596-5834



Lots of great info here.  Since Lyme/MSIDS is such a complex illness(es), it’s imperative you deal with all the blow-back as well as imbalances these infections cause and exacerbate.

Listen to this, take notes, think about what symptoms and issues you have and take ideas to your practitioner.  Nobody knows your body like you do.  With your input, doctors are much more helpful.  Speak up at your appointments and take ideas to them for consideration.





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