Approx. 50 Min

Lyme and Psychiatric Illness: Jane Marke, MD at Central Mass Lyme Foundation Conference

Dr. Marke explains how Lyme Disease and associated infections cause psychiatric symptoms in her lecture to the Central Massachusetts Lyme Disease Foundation. Paths to treatment are suggested.

For more on psychiatric Lyme:

Another speech by Dr. Marke that I highlight:

One more on PANS/PANDAS, Steroids, Autoimmune Disease, and Lyme/MSIDS:  A lot covered here, but please know pathogens such as tick borne infections can trigger or exacerbate other autoimmune issues.  Excerpt:  Boy’s Lyme Disease Morphs into Autoimmune encephalopathy. It took 10 years and 20 doctors to find out 12-year-old Patrik had Lyme disease. Just 4 months later the doctors discovered he also has a condition where his immune system attacks his brain.


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