Tonight (October 23, 2017) the first part of a five-part series will be aired called “The Lyme Wars,” on NBC NY.


Warring medical opinions. Funding controversy. Tens of thousands diagnosed with Lyme disease just this summer. The I-Team investigates why the medical and government response to this public health crisis is still in disarray — as patients pay the price. Tune in for “The Lyme Wars,” a special five-part series beginning on Monday, Oct. 23 on News 4 New York.
I will try to obtain a link to this once I have it.  They usually post it after it has aired.
If you go to the website in blue above, there are other interesting articles where you can read on everything from ticks, to the alarming increase in disease, to the implication of the Japanese Barberry plant in being a conclave to ticks and mice.