Mom shares horrifying photo of legs after trip to pumpkin patch

Alex Lasker,
 pumpkin patch

A California mother is speaking out to remind autumn revelers across the country of a common danger that may be lurking in pumpkin patches.

Jennifer Velasquez, who lives in San Diego, took to Facebook on October 13 to share a horrifying photo of her leg taken in 2015 after she was bitten by a tick while visiting a pumpkin patch with her family.

“After seeing all the cute pictures of families at the pumpkin patches, this is a reminder for everyone,” she wrote. “When you go to these pumpkin patches and petting zoos and all those fun fall activities, wear pants, long socks and shoes!”

“Make sure you check for tics! This was me 2 years ago after being bit by a tick and contracting Rocky Mountain spotted fever at a pumpkin patch,” she continued. “I Couldn’t walk, my whole body was in pain, my hair fell out, and I almost died.”

Although Velasquez’s injury happened two years ago, experts have warned that 2017 would be one of the worst tick seasons in years due to a boom in the mouse population and last year’s warm winter — and it isn’t even over yet.

While tick season normally peaks from April through September, this year’s unusually warm fall weather may result in heightened tick activity throughout the upcoming months.

Hopefully, Velasquez’s warning, which has been shared over 10,000 times, can serve as a reminder that ticks don’t stop biting when summer ends.

“I’m still healing from all this,” she wrote. “Don’t be dumb and wear flip flops like me. CHECK FOR TICKS!”

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