(Click link to hear story) Approx. 8:30 Min.  July 17, 2017 Radio Boston

Lyme disease reports have more than doubled since 2005 but the disease remains drastically under-reported. While over 5,000 case of Lyme are reported in Massachusetts each year, there are probably more than 50,000 case a year.

With ticks predicted to be in particular abundance this year, CommonHealth explores the issue in a new series, “Losing to Lyme.”


Carey Goldberg, host of WBUR’s CommonHealth blog, which tweets @commonhealth.

Dr. David Scales, physician at Cambridge Health Alliance.

This segment aired on July 17, 2017.


The diagnostic tests for Lyme are abysmal.  And compared to testing for other diseases, Lyme testing is an absolute joke.  I do not call testing that misses over half of all cases to be even remotely acceptable.