The DOD (Department of Defense) announced the experiential and mandatory anthrax vaccine, which was not FDA approved, in 1997.  Since then many of America’s finest have become extremely ill with Gulf War Syndrome, a collection of symptoms ranging from severe fatigue, joint pain, respiratory and memory problems.

Firstly, the military doesn’t track any vaccine related effects or injuries.  Secondly, those who refuse it are denied benefits for their injuries, do time in the brig, pay thousands of dollars in fines, and are discharged.  Period.

This is where Lyme/MSIDS comes in.

Notice that the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome are similar to tick borne infections, thereby muddying the diagnostic waters.  Also, according to military buddies of mine here in Wisconsin, they are dropped in Northern Wisconsin, the highest prevalence of ticks in the state, and therefore, potential infections, and do training exercises.  Picking hundreds of ticks off, is it no wonder that many come down with bizarre symptoms, are refused diagnosis and treatment and eventually have to leave the military?  For one solder’s story:  Excerpt: Military risk assessments often find high risk of Lyme disease at installations all around this country. Yet, the ability to diagnose and treat Lyme disease is nearly nonexistent in the military and VA healthcare systems.
Veterans with Lyme disease find themselves caught up in a devastating perpetual loop of misdiagnoses, failed treatments, and constant rejection that can only be resolved by proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. Lyme disease affects both the mind and body. However, mental health alone cannot cure Lyme disease.  Sims says nothing will change about suicides in veterans until the CDC Lyme disease guidelines are addressed immediately.

The CDC is an arm of the DOD with the same people deciding American citizens’ fate in numerous health issues, including the attack on Lyme/MSIDS patients who have persisting symptoms.  The issues with mandatory, experimental vaccines, are similar issues for Lyme patients and those who dare to treat them.  Apparently, the answer for both groups is, “It’s all in your head and you are making it up.”  I find it interesting that these soldiers are embraced and considered qualified to enter the military but all of a sudden become delusional when they refuse a vaccine!  I also find it interesting that Lyme/MSIDS patients ranging from housewives to doctors, lawyers, and microbiologists who led productive lives before TBI infections, are also told they are delusional.

“Direct Order” Documentary (Full) – Soldiers Ordered To Take Anthrax Vaccine & Got Brain Damaged

According to Dr. Mercola, there other other vaccines causing trouble for soldiers:

In the last decade (2007 through April 2017), 898 veterans were granted VA benefits for pericarditis; 2,896 were denied. Another 5,703 veterans were granted benefits for myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle itself, while 12,067 were denied benefits for the same.9 Since no one appears to be monitoring,  tracking and reporting vaccine side effects in military personnel, there’s no telling how many of these cases of myocarditis and pericarditis might have been related to the smallpox vaccine.

Soldiers asking questions about the anthrax vaccine are refused answers.  

According to Dr. Meryl Nass, an expert on the anthrax vaccine, “The anthrax vaccine was never proved to be safe and effective. It is one cause of Gulf War illnesses, and recent vaccinees report symptoms resembling Gulf War illnesses.”

She states the DOD acknowledges that systemic reaction rate for the anthrax vaccine is as high as 35%, NOT the 0.2% listed in the package insert, and experiments conducted by the military have reported rates as high as 48%.  An unpublished survey at Dover Air Force Base found that 29% had “chronic, unresolved reactions.” 

While anthrax is a potentially deadly bacterium, it is not contagious. Dr. Mercola states:

The anthrax bacterium is very responsive to antibiotics and, if administered before symptoms develop, antibiotics tend to be 100 percent effective, according to Nass. The only type of antibiotic that does not work is the cephalosporins, as anthrax is naturally cephalosporin-resistant. As noted by the NVIC, anthrax bacteria are also destroyed by hydrogen peroxide and diluted formaldehyde.17


Indeed, a decade-old VHC Network PowerPoint presentation19,20 claims the smallpox and anthrax vaccines are quite safe, blaming the high rate of injury instead on the practice of giving multiple vaccines simultaneously and/or drug-vaccine interactions. According to that presentation, of 2.4 million vaccinated service members, up to 48,000 of them (2 percent) sustained disability requiring them to be taught new skills and/or died as a result of serious side effects of the vaccines given.

This presentation, dating back to 2007, also touches on myo/pericarditis as a side effect of not only the smallpox vaccine but also the anthrax vaccine. For the smallpox vaccine, the risk of myo/pericarditis is listed as 1 per 6,000 to 7,000 vaccinated, but notes that the “actual risk may be higher.” Slide 12 also notes that “other new adverse events case definitions” are “in progress,” such as “new onset acute urticaria,” and “angioedema evolving to chronic disease after live virus vaccines.”

   Approx. 7 min.

Target 5 WLWT:  Secret Shots

Another reason this issue relates to Lyme/MSIDS patients is that the current two-tiered testing omits specific bands WB (IgM 2/3; IgG 5/10), from the Western Blot that would show a borrelia (Lyme) infection due to the marketing of the Lyme vaccine which they peddled with disastrous results with many developing chronic, persistent symptoms.   The Lyme ELISA used for screening may not react with serum antibodies if at least a month has not elapsed between the tick bite and the test. If antibodies do develop, research in the Journal of the American Medical Association7 has shown that the antigen and the antibody produced by the patient can form a complex. Current commercial tests can only test for a free antibody, not an antibody in a complex, so patients can remain undiagnosed despite having produced antibodies.
Perhaps most noteworthy is that FDA-cleared commercial serological tests are based on one strain of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria in contrast, for example, to a 2-strain Lyme test developed by one independent Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments-approved lab. The recent discovery by Mayo Clinic/CDC of the Borrelia mayonii species in the Midwest, which can also cause Lyme, and the acknowledgement that Borrelia miyamotoi, a spirochete closely related to the relapsing fever bacteria and more distantly related to the Lyme bacteria, causes a Lyme-like disease in the United States, means Ixodes scapularis ticks transmit all three of those bacteria, further clouding the diagnostic picture. (And, isn’t picked up at all with current CDC testing) Please read this fantastic article about the abysmal testing by Lonnie Marcum of

Rather than deal with the multitude of issues, the CDC vilifies small, CLIA certified labs that produce tests far more sensitive, train doctors to think the same, and announce that while on one hand it’s much better to treat Lyme/MSIDS quickly, they take a “wait and see” approach waiting for the results of their mandated abysmal tests, allowing the patient to become sicker and sicker and far more difficult to treat, and completely ignore co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, viruses, nematodes, and many more.  They then announce that IV antibiotics are too dangerous to use on Lyme/MSIDS patients due to a case report of 5 people that demonstrate the dangers of IV treatment of this group are no different than any other group of patients with different diseases, yet Lyme/MSIDS is purposely singled out and targeted.

The CDC’s extreme rhetoric causes state medical boards to attack the doctors who dare to treat us:  My doctor as well as numerous others in Wisconsin have had to spend upwards of $50K defending their practices in regards to treating Lyme/MSIDS patients.

The CDC denies worldwide literature on TBI’s and disallows publication of any research that doesn’t fit their dogma:  Excerpt: Sin Lee, a pathologist and scientist who directs Milford Molecular Diagnostics, is speaking out about it as he has received numerous publication rejections when he attempted to rebut the oft repeated dogma that has ruled the medical world for decades regarding tick borne illness.  Lee believes the current standard advises doctors to take a “wait and see” approach and postpone treatment in patients until diagnosis can be confirmed by serologic tests.

Similarly to the anthrax vaccine, and true to form, the powers that be keep pushing a Lyme Vaccine despite the lack of safety and former devastating results: Did you know that the LYMERIX vaccine which was pulled off the market due to “poor sales” caused 640 emergency room visits, 34 life threatening reactions, 77 hospitalizations, 198 disabilities, and 6 deaths? In a vile cesspool of conflicts of interest are university patent holders, drug companies, and the FDA itself as another patent holder. It generated 40 million dollars before it was yanked. (2008, Drymon) One doctor stated that 21 patients developed severe arthritis after receiving the LYMERIX vaccine.  Given that Dr. Marks lead the clinical trials for Lymerix’s competitor, the OspA vaccine produced and then abandoned by Aventis Pasteur, his conclusions mean a lot. “In my opinion,” he told FDA officials, “there is sufficient evidence that Lymerix is causally related to severe rheumatologic, neurologic, autoimmune, and other adverse events in some individuals. This evidence is such as to warrant a significantly heightened degree of warnings and possible limitations or removal from marketing of Lymerix.”  Within this link, scroll down and click on links which will lead you to information on numerous vaccines from the documentary, “Trace Amounts,”

Meanwhile, Europe is finally getting it:  The Swedish parliament recently ruled against enforcing the mandatory vaccinations of its citizens, recognizing that to do so would be a violation of the country’s Constitution.  Then, last week, the highest court in the European Union made a groundbreaking ruling that could finally provide relief for families destroyed by vaccine injuries.

Yet the media: makes no mention of Dr. Offit’s glaring conflict of interest: Offit is the patent holder of the RotaTeq vaccination, a vaccine which is mandated by the CDC, and presumably provides Offit with millions in income each year. Clearly, he has a vested interest in insisting that as many people as possible should be vaccinated.

Essentially, the CDC keeps belching out that everything is fine in Mayberry and it’s all in our heads.

You decide.

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