Vaccines Revealed #4

Vaccines Revealed #4

Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD Biochemical Engineering, has a vaccine injured child with autism. Hooker’s work has to do with cleaning up toxic environments. He has over 60 peer reviewed papers in environmental restoration and epidemiology research, specifically the connections between vaccines and neurodevelopment disabilities.

Thimerosal is 50 percent mercury by weight. Three of his son’s vaccines had Thimerosal in it. He received over 100 micrograms of mercury which exceeds the EPA and FDA guidelines for a single dose of mercury for an infant of his size. Even if he had this vaccine as an adult he would have to weigh over 550 lbs to process that amount of mercury.

Hooker explains that had they known their son would have been exposed to these sorts of toxins in the quantity they are given, they never would have gone through with vaccination.

8:30 Given the current bloated CDC schedule since 1998 when his son was born, Hooker questions if his son would have even survived the vaccines given today.

10:00 Hooker explains he and his wife planned on having other children but due to the 24/7 care his vaccine injured son requires they decided against it. Their son sleeps 3-4 hours a night requiring them to take shifts. Autism causes a drastic alteration of life.

12:00 Hooker’s convinced that the vaccines are the culprit. They watched the progression of damage with each successive vaccine; however, they didn’t have a baseline to judge this change. Before his 15 month vaccine their son had language skills. All of that was lost after the vaccine. He understands language but cannot speak but for a few words at 18.

14:00 The financial impact is immense. His son continually breaks things that need replacing. He’s self injurious and puts holes in the wall. Many of his therapies are not covered by insurance including over the counter supplements. Hooker has had to undertake 3 jobs to pay for this cost.

16:30 Hooker and his wife had a bad experience with the public preschool and have homeschooled their son the entire time. Hooker also had a challenging time this year when he faced incoming Freshmen at college as this year would have been the year his son would have started college if he wasn’t damaged. He went from teaching college to kids his son’s age and then would return home to help his 18 year old son with Barney and Bob the Builder videos.

19:20 According to Hooker, in 2001 the CDC knew Thimerosal was causing Autism and was working to cover in up. But the CDC and FDA proclaimed with a religious fervor that Thimerosal was safe.

26:00 The CDC stopped all ability for Hooker to talk to CDC researchers. The only way he could get information was by submitting FOIA requests. Hooker states a CDC study in Denmark used statistics to lie about the autism incidence. They removed the last data point for their benefit.

31:00 CDC does their own studies and plays a shell game so no one can reanalyze their data.


Toni Bark interviews Dawn Loughborough, a mother of a vaccine injured child
Toni then interviews Sarah Bridges, neuropsychologist, also is also a mother of a vaccine injured child with a brain injury from the pertussis vaccine.

1:43:00 It took them 7 years to get a settlement from what doctors told them was an open and shut case of vaccine injury from the pertussis vaccine.