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Vaccines Revealed Episode 2

Suzanne Humphries once pro-vaccine, speaks out about the downsides of vaccines. Humphries has had the chance to study completely unvaccinated children and was amazed at how healthy they were compared to vaccinated children. While they got chicken pox, and some other illnesses, overall, they were much more healthy than vaccinated children.

5:20 First you have to extract a disease from an animal and then pass it through animal or human cells to lessen the disease and then they multiply it. The multipliers are made with cells that are tumoragenic (so they multiply quickly). This stuff ends up in the vaccine causing diseases – such as tumors.

8:30 Formaldehyde and mercury are still in some vaccines. Humphries feels people that want them should be able to have them but that those who don’t want them should have that right.
9: Immunity from vaccines doesn’t last as long as natural immunity. Vaccinated women do not pass on the immunity to their children if vaccinated.
11:15 – Children are getting the chicken pox vaccine (a fairly benign disease) and the result of that is people are getting shingles in later age.
12:25 There is nothing in vaccines that promotes health. It is not holistic nor does it fortify us.
13:10 Mortality for Measles, whooping cough, down 100 percent before vaccinations. Vitamin D, fermented foods, hand washing and other simple things are to attribute with good health.
15:00 Concerned about the one-side publicity vaccinations get – the science isn’t there. Studies don’t follow people long enough.
17:25 Studies show about a 13% success rate in the flu vaccine when exact strains are taken into account.
18:08 study in 2012 (Cowling) used a true placebo, which is rarely done, vaccinating half the people with the vaccine and half with the placebo. There was no difference in contraction of influenza. The vaccinated group had 5-6 times higher rate of non-influenza viral illnesses.
27:19 Humphries explains she was a respected nephrologist who was never questioned when she discontinued a drug that caused a reaction in a patient. When she questioned vaccine science the S hit the fan. Now, any medical professional that questions vaccines is shunned and considered a quack.
34:50 Sayer Ji shares his experience of growing up as a Vaccine Injured child. There’s hardly a family out there that isn’t affected by vaccine injury or autism. – Maybe they don’t even know the issues they are having is connected to vaccines.
59:00 Autoimmune issues that develop years after a vaccine are hard to track to a vaccine. If you connect the dots to vaccines you are called a “Conspiracy Theorist.”
59:47 In Houston a child was taken against the mother’s wishes and vaccinated.

Sayer Ji runs Green Med Info which is collating research on diseases and vaccines.  Articles for free.   Great article about vaccines and autism.

1:00:25 Mary Holland, Esq. Professor, NYU. Her personal agenda is laws and policies on vaccinations. She writes about the Constitutional aspects of vaccines. She co-edited a book called “Vaccine Epidemic.”
1:03:10 Holland rejects the terms “Pro vaccine” and “anti vaccine.” No one is pro doctor or anti doctor. No one is pro aspirin or anti aspirin. No one would ever frame a dialog like that. But a movement began in the 50’s to eradicate every disease. It is a one-sized fits all approach. Scientific evidence does NOT show vaccines are safe and effective for everyone. The law considers vaccines unavoidably unsafe just like all pharmaceuticals.
1:04:34 The pharmaceutical business is driving this simplistic argument. The government at the federal and state levels, and the medical establishment are all complicit in this as well. All benefit financially. The media is also a player as their advertising dollars come from pharmaceutical companies. Non profits like the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation aggressively support public health initiatives which include vaccinations.
1:06:50 Government in 1986 decided vaccines were so critical to the interest of public health that they gave nearly blanket liability protection to doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Individuals cannot sue. So the government is complicit in all of this. If you are injured by a vaccine you have to go to the government in Washington D.C. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t have to care about anything. They aren’t liable. This has distorted all dialog on vaccines.
1:10:01 Science on vaccine safety is extremely poor. Congress needs to repeal the 1986 statute for the dialog to go anywhere. Holland feels this will be brought up this fall. The Vaccine market is a 30 billion dollar a year industry and is extremely profitable.
1:12:00 The government is recommending 70 doses of 16 vaccines for children under 18. There’s no science showing safety and is irresponsible.
1:13:20 There is a process individual vaccines go through, but the totality of the circumstances a typical test and law has never been evaluated. In fact a monkey study was not supportive that the vaccine schedule is safe and effective. The monkeys revealed autistic symptoms.

There’s a contradiction. If vaccines are so safe and effective why do doctors and pharmaceutical companies get blanket liability?

1:15:30 Common for the vaccine federal advisory committee to have conflicts of interest. Many receive fees from pharma. A study done 10 years ago has revealed severe conflicts of interest. Some own stock in vaccines. There should be stringent laws against this. The head of the CDC for instance became the director of the vaccine division at Merck. She made all sorts of decisions about vaccines in the CDC. There is only 1 seat on the committee from the public at large. 

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