Doctor with Bartonella Feb 12, 2017

Dr. Cynthia Maro, veterinarian,  writes a compelling story in The Times about a video shown at the North American Veterinary Conference about a previously healthy 50-year old MD who started to notice his heart racing while sitting.

He found a murmur, and an echocardiogram revealed an aortic valve disorder that required replacement.

With no history of heart disease the doctor asked for tests for diseases related to household pets.  He owned two cats, two dogs and a rabbit.

The cardiologist brushed it off but testing revealed a vegetative, infectious growth flapping in his aorta.  More tests revealed Bartonella.

Evidently the doctor survived surgery but has never been able to return to his previous hobby as a triathlete.

Maro states there are 37 different Bartonella species that can infect humans and pets which are hard to identify, making diagnosis difficult, leaving many suffering with illness and fatigue for years – suffering even with mental health issues like bipolar and schizophrenia.

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