Once again, according to preliminary data by the CDC, Pennsylvania leads the nation in Lyme Disease cases with a whopping number of 12,092 in 2016.  

Please remember; however, many cases are not counted in state tallies, so the actual numbers are infinitely higher.  For instance, the increasing numbers of the tick borne illness (alpha-gal allergy) which causes an allergic reaction to red meat, is not counted as it is considered an allergy not a TBI.

Also, the current CDC two-tier testing misses at least half of all cases, so for every person diagnosed with LD, one is sent home with a negative test who very well may be infected.

For an excellent read on the current two-tier testing, see:

If you think you have Lyme/MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome – or Lyme with friends – as research shows we typically have more pathogens than just borrelia the causative agent of LD), contact your state’s Lyme Support Groups to find reputable Lyme literate doctors in your state.  These doctors will test you with a much more sensitive test, but will also diagnose you clinically and treat you appropriately.

The current standard of care for Lyme/MSIDS patients in mainstream medicine is appalling and needs to change.






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