392-26 Passed House

The 21st Century Cures Act passed the House with a recorded vote of 392-26 at 6:39 PM yesterday.  The debate took place early in the afternoon, but then a request was made for a recorded vote and so there was a delay of approx. 4.5 hours till other matters were debated and until the whole house could get together on site for a recorded vote.

Despite a switch in bills at the last minute, Lyme Advocates fought hard to overcome the harmful wording to patients.

There are many in Congress that do not want to deal with Lyme and tick borne illnesses as they are influenced and have loyalty to agencies who do not want the Lyme bill at all.

Due to all of this, there were 6 iterations of changes during negotiations and as one advocated on the front lines stated,

“They offered us lemons, we made lemonade. Not as sweet as we would have liked it, but it replaced something that IDSA, and the agencies would have loved: no list of categories, no diversity of views, no FACA (transparency and accountability). Would we have liked more? Yes. Would we have had the Lyme provision removed if we could have and started from scratch in the future? Yes, but that was not an option. What we got was good. Plus we have several champions in the upcoming Congress who will be helping us to ensure we can make the best of this language, if it passes, in the Senate.”

So there you have it folks. The hard reality of working with governmental agencies.

As soon as the official language is published, I will post it.

Today – consider this a victory. Sometimes it’s small steps forward.