WI Coppe Lab in the News


Virologist and microbiologist, Dr. Konstance Knox, suspects persistent Lyme cases may be complicated by Powassan virus.  An unpublished 2010 study showed more than 15% of Lyme patients had Powassan.   A study completed in May of 106 patients with suspected acute tick borne disease showed 10.4 % had Powassan.

Knox states there is little data and really no way of knowing how many are truly infected with the virus, which is hard to distinguish from Lyme Disease, but is important to study as it has evolved to persist and go to the brain.

Knox is also starting to test 300 samples from patients with post tick borne infection fatigue to try and determine why active, healthy people suddenly get sick and never recover.

We all would like to know too.

For more on Powassan read: https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2016/02/21/powassan-virus/



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