What’s Up With Wheat?

Cyrex invites you to participate in a free screening of an important new documentary called What’s With Wheat? that focuses on how the hybridization, chemical fertilization, preparation and overconsumption of modern wheat strains have negatively impacted health around the globe.

This compelling documentary will explore how wheat became so intertwined with the rise of modern civilization, how traditional culture preparation of the grain mediated some of the adverse effects on the human body, and a range of experts including Dr. David Permutter, Dr. Leo Galland, Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride will discuss the chemical incompatibility with our biology of today’s wheat varieties.

The free screening of What’s With Wheat? is available globally June 24-30. To register for the event, please click on the link: http://go.cyrexlabs.com/e/24642/2016-06-22/bm9mtn/1044174029

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