The Coffee Enema

The MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome – or Lyme with friends) patient learns fairly quickly that treatment includes killing pathogens, detoxifying, and supporting the body.  For a primer on what this entails, please read:

There are a thousand ways to do all of these things and many are listed in the above article, but one that has much success is the coffee enema.  Unlike a standard enema, only 1-2 Cups of organic, cooled, coffee is used and held for approximately 15 minutes.  It’s purpose is also slightly different in that the coffee enema is absorbed into the enter-hepatic system which causes the liver ducts and bile ducts to empty toxins into the sigmoid colon. Also, the alkaloids in the caffeine stimulate production of glutathione-S-transferase, an enzyme that encourages detoxification.  And, unlike drinking the coffee, which has to travel through the digestive tract, the coffee enema remains in the sigmoid colon – so it’s safe for those sensitive to caffeine, but if you still feel the effects of being wired, reduce the coffee amount by half for a few days or weeks.  You can gradually increase as the body adjusts.

In the following video, Dr. Jay Davidson explains what he considers to be some missing links in standard coffee enema practice.  For one, he feels it important to do two enemas back to back.  He also recommends taking activated charcoal to bind with the toxins that are released by the enema.  He recommends taking a few tabs prior to and after the enema for best results.  He gives trusted brands as well as information on where to get supplies.  And lastly he recommends taking LB (Liver Gallbladder by Systemic Formulas) to soften the thick bile for a greater release.  He recommends taking this a week prior to taking the enema.  This link goes into much more detail and has videos as well as sources.  Coffee enema info starts about 7 minutes into the video.