Vaccines Made in China

Remember the Chinese manufactured tainted dog food and heparin recalls?

Now there are more than 20,000 doses of improperly stored and expired vaccines illegally sold for $90 million on the black market by more than 100 people associated with Chinese companies and vaccination centers.

Many pharmaceutical products are made overseas where they are not subject to U.S. FDA regulations.  The Catch 22 is vaccine manufacturers can not be held liable for vaccine injuries and deaths.

“It is unclear what percentage of the vaccines currently used in the United States are made by Chinese pharmaceutical companies in China or by Western companies with manufacturing facilities in China. We do know that major U.S. and European vaccine makers such as Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline plc, and Sanofi Pasteur SA maintain vaccine manufacturing operations in China, that this activity is on the rise, and that Western vaccine makers are also establishing joint venture partnerships with Chinese vaccine companies.”

“A 2012 article in USA Today, however, did report that the FDA estimates that 80% of the ingredients in pharmaceuticals produced by U.S. companies and 40% of the “finished medications” Americans take come from outside the U.S. and, increasingly they come from China and India.”

The FDA inspects drug manufacturing facilities in China and India once every 14 years and can not come unannounced, and up to two-thirds have never had an inspection.

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