Bee Venom Therapy Class

Drum roll please……

I am proud to announce that Providence is bringing us DiveGirl Deb to our next Madison Lyme Support Group meeting on Saturday, February 6 from 2:30-4:30 at the Pinney Library in Madison!  

For Deb’s site and to read about her journey, go to:!home/c121p

Deb has regained her health due to Bee Venom Therapy (BVT). “I’m getting my life back. I have control of my healing. Best of all my sense of humor is restored. This feels great. If I can get better in mere months of treatment, anyone can!”  


“This is a highly effective form of treatment which most any patient can afford. I was spending $32/month for my mail order bees and treating at home.”

For videos by Deb go to:!videos/cuzq

Apitherapy to treat Lyme & Co-infections  Eugene OR  (For the written protocol, vendor links, and more materials go to:


Please consider giving to the Flippin Lyme Foundation to help pay for Deb’s airfare.  Extra proceeds will be used to help other Lyme patients learn BVT.  Thank you.


I was a General Contractor, Cost Estimator & Project Manager prior to falling down with Lyme Disease. I still have these skillsets. As I continue to heal with my Bee Venom Therapy, I’m looking to the brighter future.

I used to buy distressed properties and flip them. I made great money doing it. I’ve got healing to do yet, but I want to begin to work at pulling this together so we are ready to launch when I’m healed.

I want to make a real living again and I certainly want to give back to my wonderful Lyme Community.

What I propose is: Form an investment group which can fund us with private funding. I’m looking for a $500,000 line of credit. I need investors with private funds.

We will purchase distressed properties. Rehab them, we’ll hire who we need and flip em fast. The profits go to build up the foundation. The investors earn interest on their funds.

We could make hundreds of thousands of dollars for our cause and get some great media coverage to raise awareness while patients on BVT heal.

~ DiveGirl Deb
Interested parties, may contact me at

(541) 854-5336




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