Dr. Mercola once again puts great info out on Lyme Disease, with a video of Avril Lavigne.  You will all relate to the dear thing as she openly weeps in front of the camera as many of us do on a daily basis making the folks around us extremely uncomfortable.  🙂  Oh – you gotta laugh, don’t you?

There is also a video interview with Dr. Klinghardt.

Do not be discouraged at Mercola’s opinion on antibiotics.  He, like my LLMD, are what I call “the Mitochondria men.”  Meaning, they believe the Mitochondria are everything and frankly, antibiotics hurt them.

In his book, “Why I Can’t Get Better,” Horowitz claims about a 70% success rate with herbs alone.  Why not use it all?  Oxidative therapy, UV therapy, IV vitamin C, herbs, supplements, and antibiotics!  I’d stick a needle in my eye if I thought it would help!  For those of you who have been on this path a spell know you need everything AND the kitchen sink.  So, it’s nice to sit on an ivory tower and proclaim something, it’s an entirely different thing TO HAVE IT!

Please understand, I’m not advocating a cavalier attitude about antibiotics.  We need good probiotics, fermented food, no sugar, very probably little to no gluten, and many other things to supplement our treatment.  But if there’s one thing I want to leave with you is quit beating up on yourself trying to find the perfect treatment.  OK?  No more beating up on yourself.  Be gentle with the sickie.  And the best advice I got from a person who beat this crud was, “I gave myself permission to not get depressed about being depressed.”  You know those days when there’s more blue than sun?  Know that the day will pass and you will survive.  Besides, there is no such thing as the perfect treatment.  You might have to chant that to yourself.

Better days are coming!


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