University of Florida researcher, Katherine Sayler, found that about 10% of Lone Star ticks collected had the Tacaribe virus which causes hemorrhagic fever.  The virus was first isolated from bats and mosquitoes in Trinidad in the 1950’s.  

Symptoms include fatigue, fever, weakness, dizziness, and muscle pain.  More severe cases show bleeding under the skin, from bodily orifices, and in internal organs.  It can cause kidney failure and coma leading to death.  

What’s unusual about this event is that this virus was thought to have disappeared 40 years ago as well as the fact it seemed to jump from bats to ticks.  Sayler states that “No arena virus has ever been associated with a tick.”

Perhaps this article will help point out that the Emperor still has no clothes on.  Firstly, Lyme is a catch-all name for something that could potentially be hundreds of things.  Horowitz calls it MSIDS (multi infectious disease syndrome), which is a far better descriptor.  Secondly, authorities need to use the scientific method, unbiasedly.  If they did, they would discover that veterinarian, Dr. Breitschwerdt, strongly believes that each animal has its own strain of Bartonella and believes it’s a silent epidemic.  They would also learn that far more insects than thought are involved in spreading disease.  They would get over the notion that MSIDS has state and country borders.  (Tell that to the bird)  These pathogens have been here since the beginning of time.  Time to give them the respect and careful study they deserve and time to start listening to patients!