Recently Kathy Lynch, Pharmacist from Women’s International Pharmacy (WIP), spoke to our group.  Since adrenal insufficiency is common in MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome) patients, it’s important to rule it out or treat whatever imbalances exist.  Similar to MSIDS testing, testing for adrenal function is poor and is best treated clinically by doctors with experience, with testing used mostly to confirm suspicions.

One thing that is clear is that all MSIDS patients should have their thyroid, cortisol, vitamin D, and basic hormones checked.  Kathy lists some of the more common symptoms for these disorders but a quick Google search should help you and your practitioner know fairly well if you need treatment.  While it is not true across the board, another quite common ailment with MSIDS is low magnesium.  All of these supplements are fairly inexpensive and can make a world of difference in how you feel.

WIP is a local compounding pharmacy and takes great effort and care in making the most bioidentical forms of hormones.  In other words, their hormones are as close to what your body makes as possible.  The beauty is your body processes it more naturally with fewer side effects and usually it is less expensive.

Due to the length of the presentation it is in 5 parts for your convenience.  I feel strongly that this very well might be the “missing link” in many treatments.  If you have low magnesium, low thyroid and cortisol, I guarantee you are going to feel lousy.  The little thyroid gland controls our body temperature.  If you are hypothyroid your temperature is going to be lower making you an excellent habitat for bacteria and viruses.  Just by taking thyroid medicine you make yourself a tougher target for disease.  Same goes for vitamin D, magnesium, and many other levels.

If you do not feel your practitioner is qualified in this area, contact WIP for their list of practitioners who use them frequently.  The phone # is 1-800-279-5708.  The pharmacists are quite knowledgeable and helpful.  They also put out wonderful articles on topics from fatigue to high blood pressure, hormone testing, liver, vitamin D, and yeast – all subjects MSIDS patients contend with.  If you have a subject you need information on, contact them and they will send you literature on it.

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