Madison Lyme Rally Poster w websites

Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Event – Madison, WI

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and this rally is just one of many events that will be taking place worldwide. The purpose of the rally is to help raise awareness about this growing epidemic in our state and worldwide.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the rally. There will be informational materials available, personal stories from those with Lyme Disease, and Statewide Lyme Disease advocates on hand to answer your questions.

We are also pleased to announce that State Rep. Gary Hebl of the 46th Assembly District will address the crowd and speak about his most recent work on Lyme bill (AB751).

Starts at 11am goes till 2pm
Date: Saturday, May 17th, 2014
Location: The Wisconsin State Capitol taking place outside on the State Street side of the building.  (This is a free event)


This event is taking place during the Dane County Farmers Market. The market is always very busy so it’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and figure out your parking and give yourself enough time to get to the State Street side of the Capitol.  If you are from out-of-town use Google maps to help you find your way.

Google map of the Capitol Square.  Go to the State Street side of the building.


*You could also drive into town, park your car and take a taxi cab up to the square.  Call 608-242-2000 or visit  You can use the following link to go directly to the “Order a Taxi” page.


***Dropping off people at the Dane County Farmers Market***

***to attend the Lyme Rally by vehicle***

There are handicap parking spaces in the driveways that lead up to the doors of the Capitol Building on 4 sides of the building. There are 3 spots in each drive way. You must have the legal handicap stickers, or placard on or in your vehicle displayed for them to see to legally park there.

As an option for those in wheelchairs or people not able to walk from the parking ramps to the State Street side steps you can be dropped off by vehicle on the Wisconsin Ave. or West Washington Ave. side of the building in the circle driveways. Then you can walk to the State Street side of the building or be pushed in your wheel chair on the  upper/inner sidewalk that is closest to the building. The rally takes place at the top of the steps on the State Street corner of the building.

I have made a picture map to give you a better idea of what I am talking about.  You can click on it to enlarge the photo for better viewing.

handicap parking and drop off copy

Above shot of State st side of building copy


proclamation from the gov.Proclamation from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.



Please help spread the word about this event.  Here are a couple flyers you can download and print off to hang up.

Flyer with ribbon and websites

Flyer w ribbon and tear offs and websites

Flyer with Photo and tear offs and websites


You can also find this event listed on Facebook.


For information about the Farmers Market you can visit their website here.